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Replace Your Missing Teeth with Customized, Natural-looking Partial and Full Dentures 

Losing teeth can directly hamper your oral function, self-confidence, and overall health. Our dental team at Covington Family Dentistry in Covington, Georgia, offers numerous tooth replacement options to support you when you have lost teeth. One way we help you overcome tooth loss is by offering natural-looking dentures. We use customized fixed and removable dentures and partials to restore your oral function with aesthetics in mind.

Types of dentures

Dentures come in all sizes and shapes to support different patients’ needs. Different types of dentures include:

  • Complete dentures: A full denture is ideal if you have lost all or most of your teeth on the top or lower jaw. Full dentures are secured by suction and adhesives, although you can consider implant-supported dentures for added stability.
  • Partials: Similar to a dental bridge, a fixed or removable partial denture fills your mouth gap if you miss one or more teeth in a row. And since our partials are natural-looking, they fit your smile like a puzzle.
  • Immediate dentures: Patients who don’t want to experience any downtime after extracting all their teeth can benefit from immediate dentures. However, since these dentures aren’t customized, they need several adjustments down the road as your gums cope with bone loss.
  • Implant-retained dentures: While traditional dentures work, they may be uncomfortable or ill-fitting in some patients. Our dentists can recommend implant dentures that provide more stability when chewing and speaking.

We fabricate your dentures after taking impressions of your upper and lower arches. We then send the images to a lab technician to fabricate dentures that fit well and look natural. Besides, our dentures are made of life-like materials. The base is created using lightweight, gum-looking acrylic material, while the “artificial teeth” are made of porcelain. Once your sink our quality dentures in your mouth, they provide a comfortable fit and aesthetically appealing look.

Replace your missing teeth with natural-looking dentures

If you want to restore the function and beauty of your smile with dentures in Covington, GA, please dial (770) 787-2230 to schedule an appointment with Covington Family Dentistry. Drs. Doreen Wilson and John Hendricks offer high-quality yet affordable dentures to complete your “gappy” smile.

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