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Straighten Your Smile with Speed Using Fastbraces

Many patients with crooked teeth want a straighter smile but aren’t ready to commit to years of wearing traditional braces. But guess what? You can straighten your teeth faster thanks to accelerated orthodontics. Fastbraces from Covington Family Dentistry in Covington, Georgia, can correct your misaligned smile in as little as six months! Reduced treatment time means you can start to enjoy your new smile sooner!

Fastbraces: enjoy reduced treatment time

If you want to straighten your teeth with Invisalign or traditional braces, treatment takes an average of 12-24 months. However, you can cut your treatment time in half by considering Fastbraces. But how does this orthodontic system speed up the treatment process so much? The “magic” is in how the method makes the teeth move.

Conventional metal braces use square brackets to straighten the teeth in two phases. The first step is moving the crown, followed by the roots. Each stage may take about one year, hence the lengthy treatment time.

Fastbraces use triangular brackets to straighten your teeth. The triangular shape makes the wire more flexible, allowing the system to simultaneously move your teeth from the roots to the crown. Fastbraces engage your entire tooth structure at a go, thus speeding up your treatment time.

Are Fastbraces effective?

The average treatment time for Fastbraces is six months! Given their speed, most patients always wonder whether there is a catch. Fastbraces are as effective as traditional braces, only that they do the job faster. The faster treatment is possible due to advanced materials that enable moving your teeth in a one-step process.

Benefits of Fastbraces

Speed is the obvious advantage of accelerated orthodontics. However, this is hardly the only benefit of Fastbraces. Fastbraces offer numerous benefits, including:

  • They are more comfortable because they use a flexible wire
  • They are cost-effective due to fewer dental appointments
  • Fastbraces are natural-looking because of inconspicuous ceramic brackets
  • Easier tooth cleaning as they have fewer parts

Need a faster and more subtle method to straighten your smile? Speak to Drs. Doreen Wilson or John Hendricks at Covington Family Dentistry to learn about Fastbraces. Please book an appointment by calling (770) 787-2230.

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