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Digital Dental X-rays Are Great Diagnostic Tools in Dentistry 

Dentistry is one field that’s never standing still. Now and then, new technologies are introduced for patients’ comfort and convenience. At Covington Family Dentistry, we have invested in many of these modern equipment at our state-of-the-art dental office. Of the many dental technologies we have invested in, digital x-rays are an essential diagnostic tool we use to unearth issues beneath the surface of your smile.

The era of traditional x-rays

Years back, conventional x-rays used to be the bread and butter of diagnostics in dentistry. Traditional x-rays provided dentists with pictures on a film of the interior structures of your teeth and gums. While conventional x-rays served their purpose then, they were time-consuming and emitted considerable amounts of radiation, not to mention the images were relatively small.

The shortcomings of conventional x-rays led to the invention of digital x-rays, which most, if not all, dentists are using today.

Digital dental x-rays for improved diagnostics

Also known as radiographs, digital x-rays use sensitive plates to capture data from a patient, which is immediately transferred to a computer screen for analysis. With the help of digital x-ray technology, dentists can instantaneously spot issues like cysts, impacted teeth, cavities, tumors, and other oral problems.

While there are different types of digital x-rays (like panoramic and periapical x-rays), bitewing x-rays are the most common. These x-rays capture the entire crown, half of the tooth root, and the tooth-supporting bone. These x-rays also help the dentist identify interproximal cavities and establish the progress of gum disease.

Benefits of digital x-rays

If your dentist says you need a digital x-ray, you have nothing to worry about. These diagnostic tools are safe. Instead of causing harm, they help the dentist establish what’s happening inside your body to treat you better. Digital x-rays offer many benefits, including:

  • Generate super-detailed images
  • Emit minimal amounts of radiation
  • They are environment-friendly
  • Generate instant results
  • Facilitate easy access and storage of patients’ medical records

Has it been years since you had a dental x-ray in Covington, GA? A lot could be happening beneath your gum line without your knowledge. To have a complete picture of your dental health, please talk to Drs. Doreen Wilson and John Hendricks about dental x-rays in your upcoming dental exam at Covington Family Dentistry. Please dial (770) 787-2230 to book an appointment with Covington Family Dentistry for personalized dental care services.

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