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Emergency Dentistry Relieves Pain and Supports Long-term Dental Health 

Your smile needs to see a dentist at least twice a year. During routine dental appointments, we detect and treat dental issues that may compromise your oral health. Unfortunately, sometimes your smile needs urgent professional dental care. This care can’t wait until the next appointment — attention is needed on the same day to preserve your oral health.

Do you have a dental emergency in Covington, Georgia? You need the services of an emergency dentist like Covington Family Dentistry. We have the right team and tools to handle dental emergencies to save your tooth, relieve pain and preserve your dental health.

What counts as a dental emergency?

Any dental problem requiring immediate care to stop bleeding, pain, infection, or save a tooth is a dental emergency. These problems jeopardize oral health and overall well-being if they aren’t addressed soon enough.

The typical dental emergencies we encounter include:

  • Knocked out teeth
  • Infected or abscessed teeth
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Bleeding gums or cheeks
  • Lost fillings or crowns

Call a dental emergency dentist if you experience any of the above problems. Unfortunately, most people end up in emergency rooms when faced with dental emergencies. ERs are often overburdened and the personnel there aren’t adequately equipped to handle dental emergencies — they can only help you with common problems like bleeding gums. A dental emergency dentist is the best option if you need urgent dental care.

How we handle dental emergencies

We will offer help even before you reach our practice if you call us. Our dental team will give you tips to handle your dental emergency to reduce pain and save your tooth. Since dental emergencies differ from patient to patient, treatment varies. However, we have the expertise to handle most dental emergencies for a pain-free smile.

And not only that. We offer ongoing dental care to ensure your smile stays strong and healthy for the long haul.

Emergency Dental Care Near Me in Covington, Georgia

Covington Family Dentistry offers urgent dental care outside your typical office hours. Our team does everything possible to accommodate you when faced with a dental emergency. Do you need urgent dental care in Covington, GA? Please dial (770) 787-2230 to talk to Drs. Doreen Wilson and John Hendricks for a same-day appointment

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